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Bony II Glove
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Inside of Bony2, 6aA Underwater Hockey Professional Glove. Last updated version of Bony2, developed in the 6aA workshop, has a unique manufacturing process that integrates six layers of different materials, thus increasing its durability and protection. 1. Nylon fabric base 2. Silicone protection of 4 to 8mm depending on the area of the hand to protect 3. Polyester reinforcement 4. Second layer of nylon fabric 5. Layer of high resistance silicone 6. High resistance silicone protection of 2mm 7. To minimize the wear on the finger tips, especially the thumb by the friction with the stick, we added reinforcements and additional layers This way we have developed the most durable and safe glove for UWH that we have been able to design until now, being one of the most used around the five continents and the preferred one by some of the most talented and outstanding players on the uwh world circuit. Size XS: 7-10 years old children and women with very small hands Size S: It is the most common size for women, or men with small hands Size M: It is the standard size for men, or women with big hands Size L: Men with more robust hands Size XL: Men with very big hands - I bought a glove of my size but is tight and hard If you are sure you have the correct size, you just need to be a little more patient. Since the new Bony2 is made of high quality durable materials, it may take a few sessions to soften and get the shape of your hand. - Should I cut the palm of the glove? Many players like to have the feeling of the stick directly on the hand so they cut off the palm of their gloves. In our long experience we can say that this will substantially reduce the life expectancy of the glove and once you get used to your Bony2 there is no need to cut it to play with maximum comfort. - Warranty Every Bony2 is handmade, so there is a small chance of manufacturing defects. Only in this case, and in a period of time no longer than three months from the moment of purchase, we will consider changing your glove for a new one. The shipping price is not covered. - I really liked the old Bony, why did you change it? We also love our first version of Bony Glove, but like all things in life, Bony2 has evolved to offer improvements in almost every aspect, made of better materials, with optimized processes and positive changes in the design of the padding without losing the essence of its predecessor. We hope to be always in continuous evolution. Enjoy your Bony2!

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