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Hydrouwh Pixie
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A stick especially for forwards or players who prefer smaller sticks. The slim tapered design allows super-fast handspeed through the water while keeping a bit of weight near the handle for that satisfying crunching tackle. Back by popular demand, this is an updated version of the original NZ plastic forwards stick first produced briefly in 2008 and constantly requested ever since. Great front pass and monstrous backflick, fully textured for the best grip on the puck possible and fantastic handling. Sticks are sold as a set, 1 white and 1 black. •Textured handle with thumb-grip for small hands, contoured to allow a hammer grip for larger hands •Solid polyurethane plastic, fiberglass reinforced for extra strength •The Pixie is 260mm long and weighs roughly 130g •Textured passing faces and textured bottom give excellent grip on the puck when handling and passing •Curved passing edges are smooth and reliable, very easy and quick to get a feel for your pass •Option to set your name into the handle •Tapered blade gives a solid sweetspot for big hits and slim profile for fast handspeed and quick skills •10 degree bevel to suit todays modern pucks with extra loft for lighter players and forwards wanting fast pop passes

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