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SBE Manta
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we have been getting a lot of requests for a slightly bigger stick than the ever popular Stingray, and here it is – the MANTA.

We saw this as a challenge to improve on an already successful UWH stick. Taking the proven design elements of the Stingray we lengthened it, added mass in all the right places, beefed up and ergonomically reshaped the handle. We analysed the pucks that are in use around the world and reworked the passing edges, curves and bevels to produce a stick that gives a player the ultimate control of his or her passes.

No more loopy shots that are easy to slap down, no more fumbling around with wrist and arm angles – just put the puck where it needs to go. The Manta has an impressively long, hard pass with a flat trajectory and no messing about.

For defensive players we added length to the Stingray hook and more mass at the center of the stick for super solid hits and tackles – there is no getting past a MANTA!

RH only.

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