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Dorsal Original
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Standard Dorsal

The dorsal underwater hockey stick combines the latest materials, technology and stick advancements with one of the easiest designs to master on the market. All sticks come as a pair, one black and one white.

 Stick Features

Materials - Plastic & rubber composite for advanced puck handling and durability. 

Blades – Angled front and inside blades suitable for all pucks.

Cranked handle – Comfortable curved handle allows playing surfaces to sit close to pool bottom.

Safety – Smooth surfaces and edges. Does not splinter.

Compliance – Legal and meets all CMAS stick rules.

Colour – Uniform throughout - Never needs painting! Available in black and white.

Identification – Recessed area both sides of handle for name, club and school details. Use marker pen.

Customising – Texture on the blades can be easily modified, depending on the player’s style, type of puck and amount of lift desired. 

                        3 Options Available

Standard Texture at £28
Fine stipple finish from mould to grip puck

Light Texture at £30
Wire brushed on beveled edges for more grip on puck

Heavy Texture at £32
Rasped course scuffing on beveled edges for maximum grip on puck

Click here - to see the Dorsal video in freestye action!

Check out UWH Kit on the BOA message board for tips on stick design!

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