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The shape of the lens extends far down the cheek-bone and opens up the blind spot in your downward vision. Critical for puck handling skills on the bottom. The grey areas you see on the frame are actually rubberized. The addition of the rubberized coating on the poly-carbonate frame absorbs shock from a puck or other hits. There is also an extended silicone “buffer” at the top / centre of the skirt, and is cut into the back of the frame. If you are kicked in the face, the buffer absorbs shock before the plastic frame can be felt on the bridge of your nose. There are 2 folds in the silicone skirt on each side of the nose. If playing in a deeper pool where you need to equalize, the folds expand as the nose is squeezed, this prevents the skirt from becoming misshapen and leaking under the nose. Lenses are 3.8mm tempered glass, most masks are 3.2 mm. The buckle assemblies are actually attached to the silicone skirt not the frame, this provides various benefits: 1.The frame can be very thin (11 mm) reducing weight and allows the lenses to sit closer to the face which serves to further reduce volume and increases peripheral vision. 2.Any blow to the buckle assembly results in the silicone skirt folding and the buckle system is not broken

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