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Hydrouwh Ninja
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The Ninja glove is our most advanced, made from a thin nylon liner under tough rubber padding, with Kevlar reinforcing in the major impact area of the index knuckle. It's segmented design gives exceptional flexibility while the dense rubber gives solid protection. The low volume padding allows very fast handspeed. Recommended for players who prioritize performance above all else. Comfort & Dexterity The Ninja has a cut-out palm to allow maximum feel and grip, as nothing can beat old-fashioned skin. The rubber material gives a different feel to the 'comfy sock' fit of our silicon gloves, but still very comfortable to wear. Dexterity is exceptional, and the Ninja feels very low-profile on the hand. It is by far the lightest glove on the market. A size 85 Ninja weighs 135g, compared to a size 85 Heavy Tank which weighs 270g. Protection The Ninja has a very thin padding volume but the rubber material is much denser than silicon, resulting in similar or better protection compared to a heavy silicon glove in a much smaller, lighter package. The main impact knuckles have wide coverage, and the padding around the back of the hand is light and flexible but is still thick enough to mitigate damage from awkward impacts. The index knuckle is reinforced with a Kevlar weave to improve durability. What exactly does the Kevlar do? Our segmented design allows for flexibility and dexterity by connecting the padding with thin joints. Although the rubber is very tough and has a high tear strength, repeated high impacts could eventually still cause the thin joint to rip, for people with the most aggressive play styles. The Kevlar weave we use runs through the joint material, adding tear-resistance and general toughness to the index joint, which for a majority of players is the highest impact area on the glove and generally subject to the most wear. Tile and Handspeed Textures on the contact surfaces of the glove, particularly on the fingers, reduce contact area with the pool bottom significantly. This results in a glove which slides as fast as silicon, despite having a grippier material. Durability The Ninja is made from durable rubber that is tougher and more tear-resistant than silicon, however care should still be taken when putting on and taking off the glove to ensure longevity. Silicon won't adhere to the rubber, but other rubber adhesives can still be used for maintenance and repairs. The cut-out palm doesn't have a noticeable impact on the durability of the glove, and also makes it easier to take the glove on and off. Like our other gloves, the Ninja is designed to be a snug fit. It will loosen and soften slightly after a couple of sessions to wear in.

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